Who We Are

Welcome to my blog site, my name is Janiece Nicole I was born in Gary, Indiana but raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have a 3 year old son and I recently relocated to Las Vegas, (Sin City) Nevada. I love it and I don’t want to bore you guys so let’s get to the nitty gritty. I’m sure you all are wondering why, Why I may have named the blog what I named it and why me of all people would want to create a blog. Up until now my life has been simple and private I don’t let a lot of people into my life so this i’m sure is odd for those who know me. Let me be the first to say my life is still just that simple and private lol (is that appropriate on here?) I just have a lot of thoughts that i think people can benefit from and every now and then I like a good dialogue.

Alright, alright now that that’s out the way let’s talk the truth. The truth about love, the truth about relationships, or how about the truth about faith? The truth about happiness or the truth about fear? What about the truth about Knowledge? Do you all agree that sometimes we don’t really know what these truths are or have forgotten the true meaning of these. I started writing a book some years ago titled Habitual Liars and initially it was going to be a tell all book exposing the weaknesses of the many people that hurt me but in the process of writing I began to expose myself and all that I was. The truth is I wasn’t really being honest with who I was or who I wanted to be and I didn’t fully realize the hurt and pain that I was causing myself. See in all actuality we can be so busy trying to point out another’s flaws that in turn it ends up being our own. We tell the person who hurt us that their this and their that but we never tell ourselves who we are,  habitual liars. Let me just say that pointing the finger is a dead give away of who the habitual liar really is. Instead of pointing the finger at those who have hurt us or betrayed us we need to point the finger at ourselves.

This is just a snippet don’t want to bore anyone hope you come back for more.

Love and Light

Janiece Nicole



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