Break EvenĀ 

Reciprocal: “shared, felt, or shown by both sides”

Hey guys, so it’s been awhile since I made a post I know I have been so busy with life but I just wanted to share some thoughts of mines and others so here I am. I hope you all have been well and enjoying life the way you enjoy life lol and I would like to say thank you to those that actually read my post I really appreciate it. Please don’t be afraid to comment like or share. 

Ok ok now that’s out the way let’s talk about it dun dun dunnnnn…


This can be any type of relationship with friends family members, co workers etc. sometimes we don’t always break even in these types of things. Some of us give freely and selflessly that it can backfire and really hurt us. Some of us don’t give enough or are already hurting and tend to hurt ourselves more if we aren’t careful. So how do we break even in relationships?